2017 Rules & Procedures


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The Sales and Marketing Executives Association (SME) Digital Committee created the SME WebAd Awards in 2007 to recognize best practices in the use of the Internet as part of a marketing, advertising or public relations campaign in Puerto Rico.  For its first year, only one prize was awarded, while the overwhelming interest in the awards resulted in an additional 4 categories being added for 2008. In 2011, the Digital Committee changed the name of the awards to SME Digital Awards to account for the evolution of the digital industry. As a result of the continuous evolution of the digital industry, on a yearly basis, the SME Digital Awards Committee reviews the categories in order to incorporate new areas for a total of 11 awards in 2016. 


The SME Digital Awards are open to all organizations and individuals such as: technology startups, design firms, digital agencies, advertising agencies, media companies and brands involved in the process of developing marketing, advertising or public relations campaigns running during the qualifying period of 12 months, starting on January 2016 and finishing on December 2016.  Campaigns or projects that started on 2016 can provide results up to February 2017. 

Participating campaigns or projects may compete in up to 3 categories. The creative conceptualization of all submissions must be developed in Puerto Rico for the Local Market, except in the Best Execution made in Puerto Rico for International Markets Category. Adaptations of Global Campaigns cannot be submitted. 


  1. Best Integrated Campaign Led by Digital (360˚ Strategy)

  • Campaigns integrating and using digital as a main campaign component complementing and leveraging the overall 360˚ strategy.
  • Integration is key, as digital gives you the opportunity to spark user interaction and create unique brand experiences. 
  • Special attention will be given to the uniqueness of the implementation and integration.
  • Campaigns that recognize this potential will score higher than those that simply transport offline messages to digital outlets. 
  1. Best in Social Media

Marketing originally designed for social media platforms such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.  The Jury will be looking for use of social that, for example, highlights:

  • Social Media Campaign
  • Community Building
  • Customer service
  • Social Data and Insight
  • Overall Social Presence
  • Social currency and commerce
  • Use of writing, photography or design 
  1. Best Digital Execution for Social Responsibility

  • Non-profit or Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns, projects or promotions integrating and using digital as the main medium to rally support, communicate with advocates and inspire action.
  • We are looking for unique and creative uses of digital and social media to reach specific non-profit campaign goals. 
  1. Best use of Digital in Promo Activation

  • Campaigns promoting a product, contest or event during a limited period of time (maximum of 2 months) and using digital as the key element for the effort. 
  • Entries may include Websites, Apps, Microsites, Landing Pages, Games, Mobile if they have a set launch and termination date. 
  1. Best Digital Advertisement

  • Banners, floaters, pop-ups, games, rich media, streaming video, pre-rolls, video ads, or any other interactive media in web or mobile deployed to a Publisher. 
  1. Best in Mobile

  • Most creative, innovative and engaging mobile and tablet experience. The Jury will be looking for campaigns or projects that, for example, highlight:
  • New Mobile App
  • Mobile for Augmented Reality
  • New Game or use of Gaming for Brands
  • Mobile for Activation by Location or Proximity 
  1. Best Digital Design & User Experience

The Jury will be looking for best in class projects or platforms that, for example, highlight:

  • User Experience (UX)
  • Interface & Navigation (UI)
  • New Website, Microsite or Web Service
  • Web based Game or use of Gaming for Brands 
  1. Best use of Original Content

The Jury will be looking for best in class projects or platforms that, for example, highlight:

  • Use of Co-Creation & User Generated Content  
  • Use of Video Content such as Webisodes, Branded Series
  • Use of Influencer, Celebrity Blogger or Outreach Programs 
  1. Best use of Data Driven Solutions

  • Data driven solutions for the purpose of developing new services, customer acquisition or retention, improving operational performance, understanding competitors, among others, in which the Data was the source or outcome of the solution.  Special emphasis will be given to the submissions that demonstrate clearly the use of data to achieve its results. 
  • This includes: eCommerce Platform, use of Social Listening Tools or Techniques, websites, mobile apps, loyalty programs and CRM, to mention a few examples 
  1.  Best Execution made in Puerto Rico for International Markets
  • Digital campaigns or projects developed in Puerto Rico for other markets. 
  1. Best Digital Innovation

  • Digitally centered executions that innovate and creatively push the boundaries.
  • Game changing, breakthrough ideas that open new doors, change the world of creativity and inform new ways of thinking.  Impress us!! 

Judging Criteria 

Entries will be judged and graded on a point system based on the following criteria: 

  1. Strategy
  2. Originality and innovation
  3. Graphic design, functionality & usability
  4. Copywriting/content & message
  5. Results and impact to the strategic objective
  6. Integration, consistency and use of digital across all platforms 
  • A local Jury will review each entry to corroborate eligibility and select the shortlist that will be submitted to the International Jurors for evaluation.
  • No award will be issued if, in the opinion of the judges, no entry within a given category meets a high standard of excellence
  • Both the Local and International Jury reserve the right to reassign a submission’s category if needed. 

Entry Guidelines 

  1. Fill out the entry form online and include all requested information and materials using the SME’s PowerPoint template, the look & feel can be branded according to the submission.  If selected as a finalist for the shortlist, you should submit an additional 2 minutes’ video to be used at the SME Digital Forum. 
  2. The submitted entry package will be used for judging and for presentation purposes and no additional materials will be accepted afterwards. 
  3. Participants should highlight what were the promotion, campaign or project’s goals, timing, strategy and results.  Strongly Suggested: provide a screen shot of third party analytics reports.  Do not include the 2 minutes’ video on the PowerPoint presentation, only ads or content related to the case.
  4. Participating campaigns or projects can only compete in up to 3 categories.
  5. Participations must be submitted online at http://digital.smepr.org by March 10, 2017. Please refer to the instructions and/or contact eventos@smepr.org should you need additional assistance. 
  6. The SME's Digital Committee reserves the right to disqualify incomplete applications.   

Entry Fee  

SME Members & Non-Profit Organizations

  • 1 category per case or campaign: $100 


  • 1 category per case or campaign: $150 

Fees may be paid by credit card or check.  If an entry is submitted to multiple categories, fees are payable for each category in which an entry is submitted.  

Winner Selection

  • Local and International Judges will be selected by the SME President and Digital Committee Chair, and should belong to the digital industry, academia, companies with digital experience, and advertising agencies with digital divisions. However, agency judges will not vote in categories where their clients or their client’s competitors are nominated.
  • Juror names and their professional background will be announced on http://digital.smepr.org
  • Judges will meet to evaluate each case based on the Award’s criteria
  • Awards will be presented as Gold, Silver and Bronze for the first, second and third place winners, as long as, the Jury determines that the finalist deserves to win Gold, Silver or Bronze.
  • The case with the highest score for each category will be presented to the audience at the SME Digital Forum and the second and third place will be mentioned.

General Conditions

The following terms and conditions and the decisions of the judges are final on all matters pertaining to SME Digital Awards. By participating in this contest, entrants agree to abide by all federal, state, local, provincial and municipal laws and regulations that may apply. This contest is subject to the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. 

Though, it is highly recommended to be present at the awards ceremony, Winners of the SME Digital Awards who do not attend will be notified within approximately seven (7) working days after the event.

If the SME is unable to contact the potential winner after a reasonable effort, or if the potential winner fails to respond within three days of the first notification, the award may be forfeited and an alternate winner selected. 

Return of any award notification as undeliverable may result in disqualification and selection of an alternate winner. The SME reserves the right to use and publish entrants' proper names online, in print and in any other media in connection with the SME Digital Awards contest. Acceptance of an award constitutes permission for the SME to use winner's name and likeness and entry submission for educational, advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation, unless prohibited by law. By entering, participants release and hold harmless the SME, its respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, employees and agents from any and all liability or any injuries, loss or damage of any kind arising from or in connection with participation in the SME Digital Awards. Contact information becomes property of the SME and will not be shared with or distributed to any third party.

Copyright & Rebroadcast 

Entries submitted become the property of the SME and cannot be returned. The SME retains entries for supplementing presentations to educational institutions, trade groups, advertising professionals and the general public. By signing this declaration each entrant specifically grants worldwide, royalty-free permission for the SME to show or play the entries at award shows, at SME sponsored or produced events, or in any other public or private presentation with or without charge whenever and as often as the organizers see fit without compensation to the participants. The participant authorizes for such purpose that the SME use any trademark, animated character(s), animal(s), and merchandised item(s) included in the entries. SME may use entries or license entries or reproduce entries in perpetuity, without payment to participant, non-exclusively throughout the world, for use in telecasts, videotapes, DVDs, the Internet, exhibits, books, TV promotion, pamphlets and other such publications and media now known or hereafter created, including without limitation. Participants will fully defend, indemnify and hold the SME, its affiliated companies, assignees and licensees harmless from any talent or other residual charges due to the release of selected entries or any third-party claims against the SME, its affiliated companies, assignees and licensees resulting from the content of the entries and the intellectual property contained therein. The person submitting the entry form(s) certifies that he or she has full authority to approve the rights granted herein.

       Approved by the Board of Directors on December 16, 2016